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Klucking Images is proud to be able to offer a wide variety of professional photographic, artistic, and educational services. As a small independent business owner, I am always on the job. I look forward to working with you to not only get the images that you want, but also to keep and use them in the future. Prices vary depending on the size and scope of the project, please contact me with your individual needs for a price quote.

Portrait/Pet/Family-Whether a simple head shot for your resume, or that big family reunion photo, Klucking Images is there for you. Indoors or outdoors, your favorite park, mountain, or private residence, I can travel to you. I do have a small studio for single or pairs portraits. You receive edited digital files to save and use as you please. Printing services available.

Weddings- I do small weddings with a guest list of 100 or less. No big packages and extravagant services here, just great photos for you to use and share. No video service. You receive edited digital files to save and use as you please. Printing services available.

Commercial/Product Photography-Have something you want to sell but that I-phone photo just isn't getting the job done? Klucking Images will be happy to work with you to provide clean, high resolution images of your product that can be used on websites or printed materials. You receive color correct edited digital files to save and use as you please. Printing services available.

Landscape/Nature-Have you always wanted a beautiful picture of your home, barn, farm, garden, or even that cute little skunk that lives under the shed? Well Klucking Images is just crazy enough to get up before dawn and be there to capture that magic moment. Light and weather play big parts in these photos, so being flexible is key, that, and a little patience. You receive edited digital files to save and use as you please. Printing services available.

Klucking Images can provide high quality prints of your favorite Klucking Images. I personally print up to 13 inches wide using the best Epson papers and pigment based inks. I work with a variety of select labs for larger prints, metal prints, and canvas prints. I also print photo cards and art cards, as well as small posters. I also have 3 different quilt square packets available. I will print others work on an individual basis.

Education- Did you buy a fancy camera, but still aren't getting the pictures you want? Still using "Auto" mode because you're afraid to try anything else? Maybe you just have a ton of questions and would prefer to talk instead of read through the manuals. Whether it's understanding ISO or depth of field, Klucking Images will work with you to comprehend and build your confidence in the subject. Good photographs depend a lot more on how well you know your camera than on the quality of the camera itself. I am also available for Lightroom, Elements, onOne, and Picasa tutoring. to consider your space and needs and craft an innovative design that is all you.

About Me

Hello, my name is Phil Klucking, and I am Klucking Images. I figured since I will hopefully be taking your picture, you might want to know a little bit more about me. I currently live, and grew up in, the beautiful little town of Ellensburg Washington. Ellensburg lies on the eastern side of the Cascade Mountains, in wind blown Kittitas county. Mountains, hills, rivers, desert, and forests all within easy access. Some of the many reasons I settled back here after living around the country for many years.

My interest in photography started at an early age, and I have both parents to blame for that. My mom was the picture taker, and as intelligent as she was, she always had trouble loading the camera. This was of course in the days of film, and every roll of 35mm film came packed with a neatly folded instruction sheet printed in the smallest type, a mile long. Having to wait for my mother to read this every  time she loaded a roll of film was truly aggravating for a precocious boy. So at some point, I took over that part, but had to leave most of the picture taking to the purchaser of the film.

My dad taught biology at Central Washington University, and specialized in paleobotany, the study of fossilized trees and plants. I spent many a weekend as a young boy tagging along on his field trips. From desert to mountains we searched for fossils and leaf specimens, learning the geology and biology of the whole state. My dads photos were really pretty boring to me, leaves, a tree, a rock, maybe a hillside to show geology. But he did let me take some of these pictures, and I learned to use a camera.

He also introduced me to the darkroom. His research was in leaf venation, and he developed a process where he would bleach the chlorophyll (green) from the leaf, then dye the veins red. The leaf was then sandwiched between two glass slides, and we made contact prints that could be studied and used in his books. Pretty boring for my dad, but I never tired of playing with the enlarger, then watching the image come to life in a bath of chemicals.

I studied photography very seriously throughout my high school and college years, that dream of working for National Geographic always out there. Of course reality is putting food on the table, and my other job as a chef, did a better job of that. So photography became more of a hobby. I watched in wonder as film turned to digital, as darkrooms turned to computers and printers, as camera's turned into phones. While the technology has changed immensely, the basic principles are still there, with so many fun tools to play with now!

Sadly, it was my parents poor health that brought me back to Ellensburg, and my career in photography. Sorting through the pounds of photos and slides, finding old cameras and equipment, all set aside with memories of a career choice made many dishes ago. I found myself hiking through the country I grew up in, seeing it with wiser eyes, and new technology. It's not often that we come across that same "Y" in the road of life, so here I am, taking that other road. Thanks for joining me, hope you like what you see!